Questions For Wedding or Event Bands or Musicians

Monday, November 12, 2012
Before meeting with potential bands or musicians to hire for your next event, come up with a list of questions to ask them. You’ll want to investigate whether or not the band or musician you are interviewing is professional. Check their level of professionalism by their website, years in the field, specializations, acknowledgement in the Better Business Bureau and references. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may think of during the process, because you’re looking for someone that fits your needs the best. It’s your event and your money, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to make an informed and comfortable decision.

An important aspect of hiring a band is the terms of their contract. Make sure you read over all of their terms carefully, and agree to them, before singing on the dotted line. Make sure there are proper cancellation policies and the payment structure is spelled out with payment amounts and dates. Specify all rates you’ve discussed and what’s included in each rate (get an itemized list). Make sure their contingency plans are included with information about who fills in for a band member if they suddenly become ill. Secure the name and phone number of an emergency contact that you can call in the event that something goes wrong with the act or someone doesn’t show up. Also, get a copy of their liability insurance, just in case. You want to cover yourself for any mishaps.

Ask questions about the experience of the members of the band, their equipment (and if they have backups readily available), if they’re part of the agency or contracted out, other talents they may have like being a master of ceremonies and how many breaks they require. Listen to samples of the band and ask why it’s advantageous to have live musicians over having a DJ. Ask questions about their song list, such as what’s included in their library, whether they allow guests to make requests or if they will learn special requests you may have ahead of time. Do they have any specific space, electrical or other requirements? If so, make sure they are provided by your venue. Get specific details about their performances, such as the number of musicians in their ensemble, specializations in music types and ask to meet with the people who will be performing at your event. Be comfortable in advance in order to make a good decision in which you will be happy.

If you have specific requests for the band or musician, make sure you make that known early. If you want them to wear a specific outfit, perform at a unique location or travel far, ask to see if they are willing to do that. Find out if they have any requests or needs from you or the venue. Planning and asking the right questions to the people you hire for your event, will ensure you have a trouble free time.

Adult Birthday Games to Liven Up the Party

If you’re looking for some fun ideas to get everyone up and moving, why not try some of our ideas. Below you’ll find several activities that will help get the party started.

“Yes or No Chairs” is a very fun and easy game. You set chairs up in a circle and have everyone sit in them. Pick a host to ask simple yes or no questions. If you answer yes to the question, that guests moves on to the next chair. If the answer is no, they stay in their seat. The first person to make it all the way around the circle first wins. If someone is in the chair, sit on his or her lap.

“The Box Party” is another great way to get people moving. You cut the flaps off of an empty pasta box, place it in the center of the room and then choose an order for all of your guests to pick up the box with their mouth only. They can bend any way they see fit to get the box in their mouth, but their feet are the only things that can touch the floor. Once everyone goes, cut an inch off of the box and watch people tumble to the ground trying to get the box. For this game, all you need is a pasta box and scissors.

Along with those two games, “Hug It Out” is exciting and gets people interacting with one another. Start the party off with this icebreaker where you place all of your guests in a circle with a good amount of space between them. Choose a leader who will yell “Rollup” and everyone will stretch their arms out and keep them separated (ready for a hug). When that person says “Unwind”, everyone finds another guest to hug. By the end, everyone will have hugged everyone.

Getting your male and female guests interacting with each other is also important. “It’s All In Your Head” is an awesome way to do just that. Pair up a male and female guest and give them a small circular object, such as a ball or fruit, which they have to hold between their foreheads. A leader will call out commands that include jumping, walking and moving in different directions. The last pair with the object still between their foreheads, without dropping it, wins.

Finally, a great icebreaker to start the night off is the “Touching Game.” Set rules as to where each person can touch another person so that the game doesn’t get out of hand. Blindfold one person and have them pick out their spouse or loved one from a group of all of the other guests by only touching them. This game gets really funny and will break the ice quick.

These games and many others are perfect for birthday parties. Of course you’ll have to find the perfect set of games to cater to your specific needs, but this list is a great way to get the ball rolling!

3 Ways to Learn How to Win the Lottery

The world economy is not exactly thrilling, and if you're living in the United States, you aren't seeing the big improvements that are promised by the president. Finding a way to make ends meet is difficult, and millions of people can testify to that. Unemployment numbers are up, and money is short all around, however, you can make serious money by learning how to win the lottery. Yes, there are a lot of ways you can generate upwards of multiple millions by simply learning the secrets that are available to you in regards to the lotto. Whether you want to hack the system, or you want to become a number master, there are roads that can be traveled down in which you will make money. It starts with the following 3 ways to master the games.

Studying The Numbers - The first major way to start learning how to win is to study numbers. This is not math; this is a matter of studying the origins of numbers, looking into ordered and structured pairs. This fascinating world will open up a way to understand how the lotto works as a whole and can create a long lasting impression. Face it; you could make serious money if you knew everything there was to know about numerals and repetition. Repetitive nature in numbers is an easy thing to understand, but it won't happen without study.

Sticking to One Game - If you're not the studying type, make sure that you stick to one game only. Make sure that you're playing only one major game at all times. Do not jump around, because you need to stay put with the numbers and the set game you're playing. Stick to only one, and in time, you will become a master. Master the game, win multiple times, and keep playing to get serious money.

Play Often - The last method is something for those that want in for the long run. You will want to play often, even if it means that you're not winning for years. There are some that will throw in the towel after a while, because the big money doesn't come in. If you give up, you can't win. If you think it's a waste of time or you just don't want to play any longer because there's no thrill, do a quick search online for long time lotto players that have won. You'll run into a plethora of stories of people playing for 5 or 10 years and then getting 100 million dollars and beyond. 10 years of playing the lotto daily might amass a few thousand dollars, but compared to triple digit millions? I think the choice is simple, play often.

Whichever way you try to play and win, keep trying, it is not only possible to win; learning how to win the lottery is thrilling. Millionaires are made daily, and there's proof of that online and throughout the news, and you could be next.