Adult Birthday Games to Liven Up the Party

Monday, November 12, 2012
If you’re looking for some fun ideas to get everyone up and moving, why not try some of our ideas. Below you’ll find several activities that will help get the party started.

“Yes or No Chairs” is a very fun and easy game. You set chairs up in a circle and have everyone sit in them. Pick a host to ask simple yes or no questions. If you answer yes to the question, that guests moves on to the next chair. If the answer is no, they stay in their seat. The first person to make it all the way around the circle first wins. If someone is in the chair, sit on his or her lap.

“The Box Party” is another great way to get people moving. You cut the flaps off of an empty pasta box, place it in the center of the room and then choose an order for all of your guests to pick up the box with their mouth only. They can bend any way they see fit to get the box in their mouth, but their feet are the only things that can touch the floor. Once everyone goes, cut an inch off of the box and watch people tumble to the ground trying to get the box. For this game, all you need is a pasta box and scissors.

Along with those two games, “Hug It Out” is exciting and gets people interacting with one another. Start the party off with this icebreaker where you place all of your guests in a circle with a good amount of space between them. Choose a leader who will yell “Rollup” and everyone will stretch their arms out and keep them separated (ready for a hug). When that person says “Unwind”, everyone finds another guest to hug. By the end, everyone will have hugged everyone.

Getting your male and female guests interacting with each other is also important. “It’s All In Your Head” is an awesome way to do just that. Pair up a male and female guest and give them a small circular object, such as a ball or fruit, which they have to hold between their foreheads. A leader will call out commands that include jumping, walking and moving in different directions. The last pair with the object still between their foreheads, without dropping it, wins.

Finally, a great icebreaker to start the night off is the “Touching Game.” Set rules as to where each person can touch another person so that the game doesn’t get out of hand. Blindfold one person and have them pick out their spouse or loved one from a group of all of the other guests by only touching them. This game gets really funny and will break the ice quick.

These games and many others are perfect for birthday parties. Of course you’ll have to find the perfect set of games to cater to your specific needs, but this list is a great way to get the ball rolling!